Why use a migration agent in Perth?




Are you thinking of migrating to Australia? Whether you’re an individual looking to work here or a business seeking staff from overseas, it’s important to ensure that when you decide to migrate to Australia, you have the support you need.

How a Perth migration agent can help you

Under Australian law, all individuals entering the country for employment are required to apply for temporary or permanent work visas. Unfortunately, this process is not as easy as it may sound. It’s all too common for those entering Australia to fail to demonstrate their suitability for a visa with substantial evidence and documentation. This is where Interstaff’s registered migration agents in Perth can help to guide you.

With an extensive number of visa sub-classes and constantly changing migration regulations, applying for an Australian visa can be both a time-consuming and complex process. A registered migration agent in Perth, such as Interstaff, can look closely into how migration legislation applies to your unique case and guide you every step of the way.

While there is the option to self-manage your visa application, many businesses and individuals choose to use our Perth migration agents for the following reasons:

  • To gain clarity on your eligibility for an Australian visa and your available pathways to migrate or travel to Australia
  • To receive ongoing support and professional advice at every stage of your visa application, in accordance with current migration legislation
  • To manage your application by liaising on your behalf with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian State or Territory Government agencies and any regional certifying bodies or skills assessment authorities as required.
  • To leverage our migration industry experience and insights, having assisted businesses and individuals for over 25 years.

Selecting a migration agent in Perth has many benefits over choosing to be represented from overseas. Because a Perth based migration agency must operate by Australian standards, this guarantees that the advice and information you receive follows current legislation. Migration agents in Perth also run on Australian time, which means they have a better chance at getting things done quicker, as their business hours are the same as the Australian officials they need to liaise with. A migration agent from Perth also has a wealth of local knowledge and is more likely to be networked within the industry, giving clients access to their contacts and the fruits that this may bring.

Find out why Interstaff are one of the most trusted migration agencies in Perth.

To speak directly to one of our registered migration agents in Perth, please contact our head office on +61 8 9221 3388 or dial 1800 449 858 for a free national call.