Immigration Agents Perth


If you’re an individual or family looking to relocate, or an Australian business looking to employ workers from overseas, Interstaff’s immigration agents in Perth can assist in taking you through the complex steps involved in the immigration process.

As one of the most trusted immigration agencies in Perth, Interstaff can be relied on to find the best suited visa for your individual circumstances, provide advice on your eligibility for applying for a visa and manage the application on your behalf.


For Businesses:
If you’re a business needing help navigating the Australian immigration process, whether it’s sponsoring an employee to stay in Australia or understanding your obligations under Australian law, speak to an Interstaff immigration agent. Our immigration services are designed to assist businesses with:

  • Getting approval as a business sponsor for employing overseas staff on 457 visas and other work visas, such as 400 visas
  • Helping to manage workers on 457 visas and meet compliance requirements
  • Assisting with any complex legal appeals or Ministerial Intervention concerning any immigration matter

For Individuals:
Our Perth immigrations agents can assist individuals wishing to relocate to Perth or Australia, whether permanently or temporarily. If you’re looking to visit, live or work in Australia and need assistance with immigrating, we can help with the following:

  • Choosing the right visa and an explanation of your different visa options
  • Visa applications and management
  • Sponsoring family members or your partner
  • Australian citizenship applications


Interstaff is an immigration agency with its head office in Perth. Interstaff immigration agents can provide advice and assistance in choosing the best visa option to suit you from over 100 Australian visa options available.

Interstaff’s highly regarded team of immigration agents are among Perth’s most trusted consultants and advisers in the industry and the business has assisted people to achieve their migration goals for over 25 years. Our immigration agents can assist with any issues that may arise throughout the visa application process.

At Interstaff, we’re more than just immigration agents in Perth. We also engage immigration lawyers to assist with any complexities or points of law that might apply to your case. Australian Immigration Law is renowned for being complex, due to there being so many different visas to choose from, regulations to understand and compliance guidelines to be aware of. Our immigration agents are a team of specialists who will ensure you get the right advice regarding your circumstances and are presented with the most suitable immigration options.

Our immigration agents are a multilingual team of experts!

Between us we speak eight different languages, including; Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Punjabi, Korean, Hindi, Krio, and Bahasa Indonesian. This means that there’s no need to worry about language barriers when dealing with Interstaff.

To speak to one of our immigration agents, please contact our Perth head office on +61 8 9221 3388 or dial 1800 449 858 for a free national call.