Immigration Lawyers Perth


Are you thinking of moving to Australia? At Interstaff , our team of registered migration agents and professional network of immigration lawyers in Perth, WA can assist you throughout the whole visa process, advising and representing you at each stage.

Why Might I Need An Immigration Lawyer in Perth?

In addition to the Migration Act 1958, there are thousands of policy guidelines, rules and regulations that must be abided to successfully lodge a visa application or apply for citizenship within Australia.

In Australia, registered migration agents are qualified to assist with all migration matters that do not require court proceedings. As an established migration agency with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Interstaff’s migration agents are highly experienced in complex migration matters due to the extensive variety and number of cases we have assisted throughout the years.

However, where court proceedings are required, Interstaff works with immigration lawyers by debriefing them on your case and migration strategy. The Perth immigration lawyers we work with provide an extra level of support if your case requires this. Immigration lawyers can help represent you in court for cases that require court proceedings.

Immigration lawyers assist specifically with Federal Court applications/appeals and High Court of Australia applications/appeals, whereas our registered migration agents are qualified and experienced to assist with all other complex migration issues such as:

  • Appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal
  • Appeals to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
  • Visa cancellations
  • Visa application refusals
  • Expired visas and unlawful residence status
  • Employer sanctions and investigations
  • Complex character issues
  • Complex medical issues
  • Family violence provisions
  • Notice of intention to consider cancellation cases (NOICC)
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) (merits-review) applications/appeals

Consulting with our migration agents and professional network of Perth immigration lawyers ensures that you’re best placed to receive sound advice whether or not your case requires court representation.


Immigration lawyers can help people looking to visit, live or work in Australia but need help with complex applications requiring court proceedings.


Our registered migration agents and network of Perth immigration lawyers have helped numerous people move to Perth and across Australia. If you’re currently experiencing issues similar to any of those listed above, contact Interstaff today – we can professionally advise whether your case requires the additional support of migration lawyers.