Get 30 Years of Experience When You Choose Interstaff to Help with Your Student Visas or Family Visas in Perth, WA

Perth is a beautiful place to live, work, study, explore, raise a family and build a life. If you are thinking about coming to the area from another country, however, it’s important to apply for the right visa. The immigration process in Australia …read more.

Handle Visa Refusals and Cancellations with the Help of Interstaff’s Visa Appeals Team in Perth, WA

Has your visa application been refused? Has your visa been cancelled with little warning or explanation? Are you having trouble renewing an expired or nearly expired visa? If you are dealing with any of these issues (or similarly complex matters …read more.

Work with a Perth Immigration Agency Whose Lawyers and Consultants Can Help Break Down Cultural Barriers for You

Perhaps your business is arranging work visas for a team of workers who will be coming to Australia from other various countries. Maybe you are helping a friend from overseas apply for a visitor visa. In either case—and in many similar situations …read more.

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Visa in Australia—from Hiring the Wrong Agents, Immigration Lawyers and Consultants in WA to Leaving Gaps in Your Personal History

If you are applying for any visa in Australia, you need to expect that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be strict and meticulously detail-oriented in its review of your materials. As such, it’s important to remember both …read more.

Need Help with Immigration? Find Migration Services in Perth and WA

If you’re moving to Australia, you’re probably excited about experiencing some of the unique features of this beautiful country. From the stunning natural vistas and amazing wildlife to the rich culture and history, Australia certainly offers a lot …read more.

Need a Migration Agent or Lawyer? Find Lawyers and More at this Perth Agency

Even moving down the block can be quite a challenge, so imagine all the things you’ll need to take care of when you’re moving to another country! Of course, if you already have plans to relocate to Perth or another city in Australia, then you …read more.

Looking for Migration Lawyers? Find a Lawyer, an Agent and More with This WA Agency

Migration from one country to another can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but a lot of work must take place for it to happen successfully. Whether you’re an individual trying to come to Australia or a corporation seeking to sponsor a …read more.

This Immigration Agency in Perth Can Help You Find Your Migration Agent

Your business relies on quality people, no matter where they come from—and that’s why it’s so important that you’re able to hire them. You need the best people for the job, especially if you’re working in an industry requiring specialised knowledge …read more.

Augment Your Workforce in Perth With Services from An Immigration Consultant and a Network of Experienced Lawyers

For businesses navigating large and complex projects crucial to the company’s success, building the best possible team with the right skills is a top priority. Unfortunately, you will not always have access to the requisite skills within your …read more.

Develop Plans for Your Move to Perth With Helpful Services from Experienced Migration Lawyers

Making the decision to depart from your home country and emigrate to another is seldom easy. However, it is also an opportunity for a fresh beginning and a chance to put down roots in a new place. If Perth is the place you’ve chosen, you can expect …read more.

Bring Skilled Overseas Workers to Your Perth Business with the Aid of Visa Lawyers and an Agent from Interstaff

In an increasingly global world, borders are no longer the barriers for overseas workers that they once were. Now, when an organisation faces a labour shortage or a lack of employees with job-critical skills, there are many more processes in place …read more.

Understanding the Visa Type You Need Before Contacting an Interstaff Agent in Perth for Aid from Lawyers

Have you recently made the decision to move to Perth to live or work? You’ve made an excellent choice: the city is full of interesting people, a vibrant culture, and an endless amount of exciting new places to explore. There are several important steps …read more.

Interstaff: A More Convenient Agency of WA Migration Agents and Lawyers

Whether you are working through personal visa issues or trying to nail down a migration strategy for your business, it is a smart idea to consult a WA migration agent. An experienced visa agent or migration lawyer will be able to review your …read more.

Ensure Your Company’s Immigration Compliance, with the Help of Our Consultants and Lawyers at the Interstaff Immigration Agency in WA

Hiring skilled labour from overseas can be a terrific way to improve the quality of your company’s work while also reducing overheads. At Interstaff, our WA immigration consultants have helped businesses reap these benefits. In our near-30-year timeline …read more.

What Sets Interstaff Apart from Other Visa Agents and Lawyers in WA?

When you choose a visa agent in WA—either to help you with personal visa matters or to assist your company in hiring migrant or immigrant workers—it is important to find someone who will protect your interests goals while also monitoring your compliance …read more.

Make the Necessary Arrangements for Foreign Workers, with WA Visa Agents and Lawyers from Interstaff

At Interstaff, we have almost 30 years of experience helping companies manage migration for their projects. These companies will often need to hire teams of overseas employees for mining, oil and gas projects. Interstaff is a trusted ally …read more.

This Agency Can Help You Apply for a Partner Visa in Perth

If you’ve come to Australia for a job, you probably don’t want to leave your whole life behind you—especially if that life includes your partner. That’s why applying for a partner visa is often a good idea. This process can be long and complicated …read more.

Apply for a Partner Visa in WA with Confidence

You care about your partner, so if you’re migrating to Western Australia, then you probably want to bring them with you. In many cases, however, this will require a partner visa. Becoming approved for a partner visa in WA can be an extensive …read more.

How to Maximise Your Chances for a 457 Visa in Perth

The 457 Visa is incredibly useful if you’re a business trying to sponsor a skilled worker from another country on a temporary basis. When you apply for a 457 visa in Perth, however, it’s important that you understand some of the finer points …read more.

Dealing with Visa Cancellation in Perth: Your Best Options

Getting your visa can feel like a big win for you if you’re planning on spending time in Australia to live or work, but what do you do if that visa is cancelled? If a visa cancellation occurs, you need to have a strategy in place to manage such a …read more.