Thousands of Australian Student Visas Revoked

Moving to a different country can be quite challenging and it is definitely impossible without a proper visa. In order to get a visa you need the credentials as well as your finances in order to maintain your status in other countries. The immigration department takes this very seriously and that is even clearer now to the 10,000 students who have lost their visas in the past year either for financial reasons, or the inability to keep up with course credits and fulfill the requirements put in place by the immigration department. The previous year was less than half of that so one wonders what happened that lead to so many visas being revoked in just one fiscal year.

While there were some minor cases where individual’s visas were cancelled due to “character” violations, i.e. persons who had been trouble, and others that were cancelled because the documents that they had offered the immigration services turned out to be fraudulent, the majority of the cases had to do with students who simply couldn’t keep up with their finances or their course credits. Over three thousands of these cancellations were for students who were no longer considered non-genuine full time students, for students who had violated the rules that come with the visa in one way or another. In addition, there were those who knew they couldn’t adhere to the requirements and simply asked to for their visa to be cancelled.

One of the main concerns for immigration services is the rising number of online universities and non-traditional schools that are being described only as “essay mills”. These schools often seem legitimate but the certification you get at the end of the courses doesn’t offer you much to go on career wise. Many students are trying to apply for visas, and sometimes getting them, by wanting to go to what some call fraudulent educational facilities. The Australian government and immigration forces are trying to find some rational way to deal with the situation because these foreign students not only deserve the opportunity to study in Australia; they also help the economy and bring money as well as labor into the country.

Foreign students pay over 15 billion dollars into the Australian economy, a significant number, and the country doesn’t want to see a drop in this hefty number either. Local students also feel that having a diverse group of individuals in their schools make their world a little more interesting and serves to enrich their lives. The new students also have the same feeling as the new culture has an eye opening effect on them, and can lead to an even richer learning experience than just college alone.

Australia invests in foreign students and those students invest heavily into Australia. Hopefully the numbers will balance out soon and holding onto a student visa will be feasible for all students wanting the Australian experience. Migration can be a great way to see the world, explore new cultures and do it all while getting an education, and it’s something that everyone should be able to experience.

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