Have you been an Australian permanent resident for at least one year? You could be eligible for Australian citizenship before 1 July 2018.

After months of parliamentary discussion on whether the proposed citizenship requirements will be retrospectively applied, the Government has decided that any citizenship applications received on or after 20 April 2017 will be processed under the current citizenship legislation until 1 July 2018. The decision has re-opened a window of eligibility for those who are permanent residents in Australia for at least a year and who meet all other … [Read more...]

Lifestyle News | Perth beats Sydney in ‘liveability’

Thinking of migrating to Australia? You might be interested to know Perth has maintained its ranking as the world's seventh most liveable city, beating Sydney at number 11. The Economist ranked Melbourne in the number one spot, with Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary making up the rest of the top five. The Economist's 'liveability' report is a guide for businesses to decide on extra pay levels for skilled professionals who move abroad. … [Read more...]

457 Visas | Updates on nominating visa holders

As the 457 visa program transitions to the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa, we expect to see ongoing changes to the requirements businesses need to meet in order to nominate visa holders. Here’s what has changed recently for businesses and 457 visa holders. Changes to Market Salary Rate Requirements The Immigration Department has strengthened market salary requirements, meaning employers will need to provide additional documentation to … [Read more...]

Plans to make provisional visas mandatory before permanent residence

The Australian Government is exploring the idea of making provisional visas a mandatory step before permanent residency, meaning migrants may need to spend a certain period of time in Australia before becoming eligible for permanent residence. According to the Immigration Department’s recent discussion paper, around half of Australia’s permanent visas were granted to people on a temporary visa in 2015-16, with temporary residence increasingly … [Read more...]

Scrutiny over Subclass 400 Visas

Subclass 457 visas continue to be a hot topic in the media but lately the Subclass 400 temporary work visa category is also coming under scrutiny. The Subclass 400 visa enables businesses to engage applicants with highly specialised skills knowledge or experience that cannot be reasonably found in the Australian labour market. Depending on the industry, this can include highly technical skills such as equipment installations, maintenance and … [Read more...]

457 Visa Changes | How Businesses are Managing Talent Shortage Risks

Access to appropriately skilled and experienced talent has been identified by businesses across Australia as one of their biggest risk factors going forward following the 457 visa changes on 1 July 2017. MYOB Chief Executive, Tim Reed recently spoke at the Australian Financial Review Innovation Summit saying, “The number one risk that we identified in our business plan going into 2017 was our ability to find the skills to do all the things … [Read more...]

Can I still apply for Australian citizenship even though the new laws have not yet passed?

It is still possible to apply for citizenship while the legislation is being confirmed by parliament. However, it is important to note that the Government has announced that a number of reforms will apply to citizenship applications received on or after 20 April 2017. While the legislation is currently under parliamentary review, the Government has advised that the new citizenship legislation for these reforms will be introduced by the end of … [Read more...]

Could your English skills get in the way of Australian citizenship?

Becoming an Australian citizen is a dream for many migrants – but for those struggling with English as a second language, higher English requirements could become a barrier to obtaining Australian citizenship if the new laws are passed. Currently, applicants don’t need to pass an English language test but those who are able to pass the citizenship test are considered to have the fluency requirements to achieve a Level 4 under the International … [Read more...]

Business Migration Q&A’s

We received a number of great questions from HR professionals and business owners during our recent seminar on the 457 visa changes. Click through to find out what Interstaff's registered migration agents had to say about the new English requirements, how working holiday visas can lead to a transition to skilled visas, and possibilities to renew 457 and Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas. “Is the Government essentially saying that if … [Read more...]

Skilled visa updates for visa holders and employers

A number of changes to Australia's skilled visas took place from 1 July 2017 and we have received some important updates on how the implemented changes are being managed by the Immigration Department. Here's what businesses and skilled visa holders need to know. Training benchmark legislation updates The Immigration Department has recently updated migration legislation to reflect the new training benchmark requirements for nominations and … [Read more...]